Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's Just My Opinion

Thursday's strip is about Dewey's opinion of Cosmo's poetry.

Speaking of opinions...there are many questions that people do not ever, ever want to be asked in polite conversation. These include, "Are you for or against abortion?" "How much money do you make?" and "What do you think of my finger paintings?" This is because most all of us try to avoid conflict.
A great social experiment to try would be to ask co-workers or strangers for their opinions and see if they give you complimentary answers. For example, try asking your co-worker if she thinks getting a flaming Harley Davidson logo tattooed on your neck would impress business clients. My guess is she'll tell you it would look quite lovely, when she is actually thinking, "this guy is a psychopath who shouldn't be allowed to own a stapler."
And if a crazy lady comes up to you in the mall and asks you what you think of her eyebrows that aren't eyebrows at all but actually painted on red lipstick, you'll probably say, "Looks good!" and dive behind the Isotoner Gloves display in order to avoid any conflict.
Basically, there are only a few people we can count on to give us an honest opinion. Namely, our spouses and our case workers.

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