Thursday, December 24, 2009

Random Sketchyness

I really need to think of a strip that involves Dewey wearing a bikini. Hopefully the Mom from Foxtrot will be there too.


Anonymous said...

so i saw your strip on yahoo and it caught my eye, the one on the 20th, especially, i like looking through the "back issues" so to speak... i like how you include the editors notes, it made me notice the differences in the which panels he was holding the putter, and the notes, like "good for back scratching" and after the cart flew by, "scratch scratch" were what had me laughing the most. i think you have a very funny strip and i enjoyed reading it, i hope you have very good luck at it!!

Nathan Cooper said...

Thanks Chase. I think including the editorial notes is a neat idea.(Plus it was my editor's plan and he said if I do as he commands someday he'll tell me where Garfield buried Lyman.)