Thursday, January 7, 2010


Pantsless passengers, threatening underwear...the news couldn't be more exciting this week. In Thursday's In the Sticks strip the debate on proper pants height rages on.

Kids wear their pants too low? Old folks hiking their pants up to their bypass surgery scars? These railway passengers decided to steer clear of that whole Trump toupee and leave their pants at home.

Now we all know that any jokes about dropping bombs in your underwear while at the airport is completely off limits. Especially if you are a moron.

And speaking of college football, Monday's Orange Bowl may have been a match up of the two worst looking uniform pants ever.

But all is not lost. Some like to stick to the classics. You guessed it- indecent exposure.

1 comment:

VJ said...

I loved your comic!

I will never understand why kids where their pants so low. (I know I sound old.) =)

Also, it always makes me chuckle to see old men with their pants pulled WAY UP!!