Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday's strip

Sunday's strip had some hidden "jokes" that were too small to be legible. Here, I use the term "jokes" meaning "probably not that funny, so why did I even bother?" Anyway, here they are- fake snack items and a Wheel of Fortune puzzle:

Scroll down for the answer to the Wheel of Fortune puzzle.

Answer: Ren Hoek of Ren and Stimpy


biguglyjohn said...

I read comics everyday but for some reason I never saw this till a week or two ago. now its my 2nd favorite, only surpassed by Monty. I've been spreading the word to all my golfing buddies and they think its #@$~ing great! and that's how their daddy taught them

Nathan Cooper said...

Thanks for checking it out and reading my lowly blog. Lowly Blog would also be a great name for a character in a Tim Burton movie.