Friday, November 6, 2009

Flip-in' Out

Here are some looks Flip went through during the development process. These also show off the emotional range of Blooming Dogleg's resident beaver: from annoyed to conniving to irate.

His hobbies include listening to vintage Art Bell podcasts and collecting back issues of "Love and Ammo Quarterly".
Flip is of the North American Beaver species, as opposed to the European Beaver, which can be identified by its' preference for tight jeans.


david said...

dude! this comic rocks! i have been following your blog and booked marked it! i check it everyday for new content. i'm hoping my paper will carry IN THE STICKS! a fan for life :)

Nathan Cooper said...

Thanks, David! Glad you enjoy the strip. Not sure of the exact date when it will be coming to newspapers.