Friday, November 13, 2009

Comic Strips on TV

This is an ad for Blondie and Cathy TV specials from CBS circa 1987. Imagine a young kid's excitement:

Mom: "Hey son, there are going to be some animated comic strip specials on TV tonight, would you like to stay up late and watch them?"

Son: "Oh boy! Yeah! What are they? Calvin and Hobbes?! Garfield?! The Wee Pals?!"

Mom: "Blondie and Cathy"

Son: "Uhhh..."

Mom: "TV Guide says 'Lonnie Anderson stars as the voice of Blondie followed by the nuerotic adventures of Cathy!'"

Son: "Isn't Lonnie Anderson dating Burt Reynolds?"

Mom: "On second thought, maybe you shouldn't be staying up so late."

It's too bad there aren't as many animated comic strip TV shows as there were in the 80's, and both of these are fun to watch if you can find the complete shows.

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david said...

i remember the for better or worse cartoon special as well as the family circus when i was a kid. and you are right...those cartoons were magic :)