Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meet the characters of In The Sticks

Be it trimming weeds, mowing fairways or getting Cosmo unstuck from the vending machine, this ex-pro golfer usually enjoys owning the Blooming Dogleg Country Club. He’ll tell you that his passion for a well-manicured putting green keeps him at the course late into the night. Cosmo and Dewey would say it's because he can't get a date.


This poetry-writing blue jay is the eyes, ears and wings of Blooming Dogleg Country Club. His idea of an "early-bird special" is taking a soak in the breakfast buffet's guacamole dip. And when Cosmo dons the velvet fez he found in the caddy shack men’s room, he transforms from North American blue jay to "THE SWEET BIRD OF TRUTH!"


Dewey is a sweet, lovable bear who's not afraid to express his emotions. He's an occasional caddy for the country club's members, although he has yet to perfect his knowledge of golf lingo (he often calls for a repairman when somebody's putt breaks). Dewey believes that the fairway lawnmower is out to get him and his luscious pelt.

Flip is a bit misanthropic and often states that he's "not a people person and I don’t like lawyers either." Flip prefers to keep to himself, lurking in the course's pond and admiring the duplex-dam with outdoor pool he constructed with "found" golf gear.

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